"The vital part, the heart and
soul of Christian Science, is
Science and Health
"If any of you lack wisdom,
let him ask of God, that
giveth to all men [women]
liberally, and upbraideth
not; and it shall be given
him [her]."
                   James 1:3
Rick E. Mannerino, C.S.    
Rick E. Mannerino, C.S.
Member of the Mother Church

Is living a life content, free of worry (over bills, health, finances, employment, companionship)
asking too much?  How about living each day with a sense of purpose, giving each moment your all --
without being dragged down by the past or fearing the unknown of the future?  Too good to be true?

God, being all good, must provide this for each one of us.  To be God's expression our life must entail
the opportunity to experience this good at all times.  We have everything we need right now; not just
to get by but to live this moment with joy.

Call me now, and let me help you discover this in your own life.
Christian Science Practitioner

A Christian Science Practitioner is someone who has dedicated their life to the advancement of
spiritual healing.  Simply put, the practitioner prays with the patient to gain a better understanding of
their inherent spiritual nature as a child of God, perfect and whole.  
Christian Science Treatment

There is a universal law of harmony that governs all of life's experiences.  Christian Science
treatment reveals an individual's oneness with this law.
 How does this work?  Whenever an
individual struggles with issues of health, for example, the individual appears to be out of alignment
with the universal law.  As a defense attorney would defend and liberate an innocent client against
false claims, a Christian Science practitioner raises the individual's awareness (through prayerful
treatment) to their freedom from the claim of disease that has falsely attached itself to the person.  
Awakening to this freedom the individual finds healing -- the elimination of the disease.
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--Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy
"Christian Science reveals God, not as the author of sin, sickness, and death, but as divine Principle, Supreme Being, Mind, exempt from all evil."